Bridgelink Centre Cookery Workshop

Welcome to our new, exciting Bridgelink Centre cookery workshop!

You’ll learn some great new techniques that will build your confidence in the kitchen. You’ll create tasty savoury and sweet recipes using everyday ingredients which support your health and wellbeing. Not only that, but you can take all your amazing creations home with you at the end of each class!

Brilliant breakfasts
Perfect packed lunches
Sensational snack ideas
and some amazing Christmas surprises!


A series of cooking workshops for for ages 10-12, each lasting 2 hours, where students will learn to cook and bake together, learning new recipes that can be recreated at home with family and friends.


Right here in our brand new kitchen at the Bridgelink Centre.


Five consecutive Sunday mornings from 10am to 12pm, starting 17th November 2018.

Each workshop will include all the ingredients, equipment, uniform, all the food you cook and a recipe pack to take home.

Are you interested? To secure your place, contact:

Gregg Brown has been a professional chef for over thirty years, working in five-star establishments around the world. He has been a culinary teacher for over ten years and is passionate about food education and sharing his knowledge with pupils of all ages. Gregg bases his classes on fresh ingredients, healthy lifestyles and making cooking fun and accessible for all.